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At Vgyaan, we're dedicated to making learning and working smarter, easier, and more enjoyable. Our company specializes in creating innovative solutions for classrooms, boardrooms, and offices, designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Vgyaan was founded by Avtansh Jain, a visionary entrepreneur with a PGDBM degree from NMIMS. Avtansh started Vgyaan with a bold vision: to revolutionize traditional learning and communication methods. With his passion for technology and education, he set out to create a range of products that would empower educators, students, and professionals alike.

Today, Vgyaan offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, including:
. Smart interactive whiteboards
. Cameras
. Visualizers
. Interactive Board
. and many more

Our solutions are carefully crafted to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various sectors, including:
. Education: Our products are designed to enhance the learning experience in classrooms, lecture halls, and training centers.
. Corporate: We provide cutting-edge solutions for boardrooms, meeting rooms, and offices, helping businesses improve communication and collaboration.
. Healthcare: Our interactive technology solutions are used in hospitals, clinics, and medical training facilities to enhance patient education and improve healthcare delivery.

Driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team of dedicated professionals is always working on new ideas and technologies to improve the way we learn, work, and communicate.

Join us on our journey as we continue to shape the future of education, communication, and collaboration with Vgyaan!

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Mission & Values


Our Mission is to provide simple, intuitive and connected solutions to help our customers inspire greatness in themselves, and the students, colleagues and teams they interact with.


Being Down to Earth We stand on solid ground to ensure every aspect of all that we do is done well. We endeavor to perfect our core business to become a respectable global leader.

Creating Value

We believe in being innovative and applying our values in what we do. We believe in sustainable advantages to ensure long- & short-term development.

Devoting Ourselves

We are passionate about creating an ideal workplace for realising one's potential. We unite to achieve great things through unselfishness and serving other people.

Our skills

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VGYAAN is a leading developer and manufacturer of smart classroom and visual collaboration solutions.

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