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Sliding Framing for IFP

Model No: VG FR 85


Display Covering with Green Board Capability
Outer Length Frame
Minimum 3600mm
Outer Width Frame
Minimum 1300mm,
Thickness of Frame
Minimum 210mm
Frame Material
Made of Aluminium with Bronze colour
No.of Boards
4 boards are fitted in minimum size of 915mmX1215mm (2 Boards are fixed and 2 Boards are movable with lock and key
Base material of board
Made of XPS/High density EPS with 14mm thickness
Front metal sheet thickness
Minimum 0.26mm or Higher
Choice of surface:
Resin surface/Green Resin Surface/ Green Ceramic Surface/ White Resin Surface for Writing/ White Ceramic Surface for writing
Back metal sheet
Colour coated with thickness of minimum 0.26mm or Higher
Product code
Structure Dia L X H X D
Sliding Board Dia In . MM
1000x1200x25= Nos Or 2000x1200x25 = 1Nos
Fixed Board Dia. In MM
1000x1200x25= Nos Or 2000x1200x25 = 1Nos

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